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Smith: No Timetable for Dwight Deal; Expects Him at All-Star Game

In a sideline interview with Craig Sager, Magic GM Otis Smith said there's "no timetable" for the Magic to deal Dwight Howard and that he is "not entertaining anything" in terms of offers from the Nets, among others.

"We're hoping to have Dwight in a Magic uniform for a long time," said Smith. Asked if he could be moved at the trade deadline if nothing changed, he responded, "When we get there, we will have to hesitate and figure out what to do but there's no timetable."

Finally, Sager asked him two questions, the first whether he expected Howard to be there for the All-Star Game. "I do expect him to be here." said Smith. And what about next year? "I do expect him to be in a Magic uniform," he answered, somewhat sheepishly.