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Barclays Entrance Plaza Takes Shape

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

The latest images of construction at the Barclays Center shows significant progress at the entrance to the arena, with the Transit Connection (lower right) mostly complete, the entrance plaza now underway and the main entrance looking much like it will opening night minus the "oculus" that will be hung out over the plaza.

A construction update released this week indicated that the first street work is also underway, that security stanchions, known as bollards, will be installed over the next two weeks, to be followed by sidewalks, paving stones, street furniture, street trees, light and signal poles, way finding signage, etc.

The oculus, scheduled to be one of the last pieces of construction at the arena, will feature a 360-degree digital video screen over the entrance plaza. The arena scoreboard will be visible from the plaza. The arena's architecture is expected to become a recruiting tool for the team in its pursuit of free agents.