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Hump Back And Happy To Be Here

Kris Humphries was back at the PNY Center Wednesday morning and oh so happy to be there.

"I know it’s a one-year deal," Humphries said, "but I’m happy, I’m motivated and I’m ready to play...It's good to be back. This feels like home."

He joked that the beat writers reminded him of the paparazzi who tracked his every move as Kim Kardashian's husband, but deferred questions about his personal life by saying, "My outlets are God, family and basketball. I'm happy to have basketball back."

Avery Johnson said Hump may pay three minutes vs. the Knicks, but noted that he's ready to play.

"We want him to get back to being Hump" said Johnson. "I got another level where I want him to go." Humphries averaged 14.2 points and 14 rebounds after Deron Williams joined the team last season. Johnson also made it clear Nets aren't done making moves ..."If it makes sense, we'll do it."