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Preseason Game 2 - Nets @ Knicks - Wednesday, December 21, 7:30 p.m.

Sometime Wednesday, the Nets are expected to make the signing of Kris Humphries official, a one-year contract worth $8 million. Then, the question will be whether the 6'9" power forward will play against the Knicks. He won't suffer from a lack of familiarity. He played with the four other starters last season.

In an early morning tweet, Humphries confirmed the deal, writing, "Excited to be back!"

Humphries is just part of the story, however. The Nets are still looking at roster pieces, hoping that by Monday's opener vs. the Wizards they will have a team capable of making the playoffs and yet flexible enough to move on Dwight Howard. The most persistent report is that the Nets have targeted Andrei Kirilenko, offering a deal similar to that they gave Humphries. The Knicks may also have a late add in Steve Novak, the hot-shooting three-point specialist.

It will Knick fans first look at the first part of the "transformation" of Madison Square Garden, a three-year project that is costing almost as much as the Barclays Center. The game will air on MSG only.