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At Open Practice, James Stars

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Damion James let fly with a running hook as time ran out, giving his team a one-point victory in the Nets' Open Practice. James, who swore he didn't realize the shot was that crucial, said he added the hook to his repertoire during the summer. In fact the practice, an annual event, provided a number of insights into what players did over the long lockout.

Ben Couch of the Nets lays out some of them in his summary of what went on, noting that Marshon Brooks "pullup fadeaway goes in too often to be lucky;" that Deron Williams "showed a predilection for shuffling no-look passes;" and that Armor call-up Jerry Smith "is packing serious hops." The event, usually held on the weekend in October, drew fewer fans to Ramapo College than in previous years.