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Nets Push Brooklyn With P.A. Hire

Melanie Fidler, New Jersey Nets
Melanie Fidler, New Jersey Nets

David Diamante wasn't among the 400 hopefuls who turned up to audition for the Nets new public address announcer job. Instead, he waited till the finals, asking in at the last minute. He won the job and a multi-year deal as the Voice of the Nets and Barclays Center.

Other than his "golden voice", experience and dreads he hasn't cut since 1988, what's his main qualification? Brooklyn roots. Born in Baltimore, he says his family has been in Brooklyn since the mid-nineteenth century and he owns a cigar lounge a few blocks from the arena...which he says will be a happening place after games.

Expect a lot more Brooklyn-themed hires in the months to come, but in the competition with the Knicks, the real battle will be on the court, not on the sidelines.