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Howard Rumor Out of L.A. Untrue

Throughout Monday, Nets fans hung on word from L.A. that Dwight Howard would be traded to the Nets Tuesday. It's not true, according to various sources. The story, reported by John Ireland, a KCAL reporter who covers the Lakers, was denied by several sources both inside and outside the club.

"That’s not true," a person with direct knowledge of the Nets’ negotiations told Fred Kerber. It was one of several rumors that raised Nets fans hopes Monday. A report out of Europe that the Nets were near signing Andrei Kirilenko was also roundly denied, with AK-47's agent telling several writers the Nets haven't been in touch for several weeks. Similarly, a report that Kris Humphries was on the verge of signing a one year, $7 million contract also proved untrue.