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Nets Making Last Jersey Push

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

The Nets will become the Brooklyn Nets at the end of this season, whether it's in April or June. When the NBA Draft is held on June 28, in Newark, we wouldn't be surprised to hear them called the Brooklyn Nets. But for the next 66 games (plus two in preseason and whatever they can get in post-season), they will be the New Jersey Nets.

To make fans feel good about the final go-round, the Nets have introduced a commemorative logo fashioned from the various logos the team used during its 35 years (and three arenas) in the state. They also disclosed a series of promotions. There will be six "County Nights" at the arena. Each of the team’s "most loyal fan outposts" will be recognized, and "Decade Nights" that play off that game’s opponent and honor the great players and teams of each era.

As for the Brooklyn brand, expect the new Nets logo and team colors in February, the new uniforms in the summer.