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Ranking Mystery Nets Not Easy

John Schuhmann and John Hollinger try their hand at handicapping the Nets chances this season, with Schuhmann getting up to speed on his pre-season, pre-free agency Power Rankings and Hollinger profiling the Nets players. Both admit that with so few players on the roster and big free agency moves possible, it's tough.

Schuhmann has the Nets at #22 in his rankings, careful to caveat: "who knows how to rank the Denver Nuggets, L.A. Clippers or New Jersey Nets right now." But he tries. They'll be getting a full season of Deron Williams, as well as a free agent or two with their cap space. And it's certainly within the realm of possibility that they head to Brooklyn next year with both Williams and Dwight Howard in tow".

Hollinger's ESPN Insider profile gives high grades to Deron Williams ("He's still getting better. Williams set a career high in PER despite being hurt the final three months"); Anthony Morrow ("on a trajectory to go down as one of the best shooters ever"); Kris Humphries ("broke out with a monstrous rebounding campaign") and said somewhat nice things about Jordan Farmar, Brandan Wright, and even Bojan Bogdanovic ("a poor man's Manu Ginobili").

He's very down on Brook Lopez ("created shockingly little for his teammates" ... "Defensively, the dude was just worthless", etc.)