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Turkoglu Doesn't Want a Trade

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Dwight Howard might want to be traded to the Nets, but Hedo Turkoglu doesn't...although he did say he'd like to play with "Superman" until he retires.

In an interview with FOX Sports' Chris Tomasson, Turkoglu also swears he has something left in the tank.

"My dream is to finish my career in Orlando," Turkoglu, a 6-foot-10 forward, said. "But sometimes you might end up with a nightmare," apparently a reference to a trade, not necessarily to the Nets. New Jersey is willing to take on both his contract and that of Chris Duhon to get Howard...and are preserving their assets.

He's already been traded twice since he signed his big contract with the Raptors following his career season in 2009, once to the Suns and then back to the Magic. Still, he adds, "I would love to finish my career with him," meaning Howard