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No Deal on AK-47...or Hump

Sportando, the European basketball site, is reporting that Andrei Kirilenko is leaving CSKA Moscow for a multi-year deal with the Nets, but no sooner had the report hit Twitter than various reporters, quoting both Kirilenko's agent and a Nets official, denied it.

According to Sportando, which is located in Italy, and a Russian website, the deal was for multiple years. Kirilenko is currently recuperating from a fall in which he broke his nose and hurt his shoulder. He is not expected to be back in uniform till early to mid-January.

But Fred Kerber, Colin Stephenson, Adrian Wojnarowski and Sam Amick all put the rumor down, with Kerber quoting AK-47's agent as saying, "Not true. I haven't negotiated anything."

Similarly, league sources shot down an Internet report that the Nets had signed Kris Humphries to a one-year, $9 million deal.