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Avery: Billy Has "Irons In The Fire"

Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball
Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball

If the Nets are waiting on Dwight Howard (or more precisely, Otis Smith), then there's not much chance for a big signing that would dramatically improve the roster. And there's not a lot of roster pieces for a trade either. The Nets need to preserve them and their picks, too.

So what's a coach to do with a roster that at this point has limited talent at the forward position. Wait and hope, apparently. Avery Johnson told the media Monday "I know Billy has a few irons in the fire." He could say no more. As for Deron Williams, he seems to be cool with the Nets strategy although he said he will be "grumpy" if they lose.

Meanwhile, the Nets are sending Shawne Williams to the doctor's to check out his "flu-like symptoms" and are getting Jordan WIlliams into the mix at practice following his bout with dehydration. He's not likely to play in next Monday's season opener, however.