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AK-47: "I Have Time To Decide"

Bongarts/Getty Images

In an interview Friday, Andrei Kirilenko said that he has "many offers" from the NBA and that he would take his time sorting them out. He said there was no "one solution" and did not mention any specific team.

"I'm in a position that I do not need to rush now, and think only about the transition ... I have time, I will not rush, especially since I have a contract with CSKA," he told SovSport, a Russian newspaper, adding, "If there is really a proposal that will be worth it to think about it, it can not be linked only with the financial side, but more to the surrounding situation. It should be a team, it should be a coach, it should be ambitious team,a team that will be fighting and be able to claim the title. This transition should look logical, but not so much that I just sign it, work off the contract and go home. There are more ambitious moments."

Kirilenko has an NBA "out" that runs out January 8. If he does not sign with an NBA team by then, he will stay with CSKA Moscow for another year. Moreover, he is recovering from a shoulder injury and is not expected to play again until early January. The Nets, on the other hand, are waiting for Dwight Howard and are unlikely to make a decision soon either.