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"Total Calm in Eye Of The Storm"


Mikhail Prokhorov is expected in Newark for the Nets home opener a week from Tuesday. There's some indication he may be on the North American continent already. If so, he's likely enjoying what for him is a typical vacation: heli-skiing in the Rockies. That's having a helicopter fly you to the top of a virgin slope and drop you off so you can negotiate the long ride down.

Meanwhile, back in Russia, supporters are busy gathering the two million signatures needed for his independent run for president of the Russian republic and a head-to-head with Vladimir Putin. He's argued that the Russian system is facing collapse from Putin's policies, not a risk-free position.

Stefan Bondy talks to Nets employees about "the most interesting man in the world".

As Irina Pavlova, who runs his U.S. sports investments, says, he already possesses one crucial presidential characteristic: being able to project "total calm in the eye of the storm."