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Kerber: Nets Have Done "Virtually Nothing" In Pursuit of AK-47

The Nets apparently believe that they have a good shot at getting Dwight Howard in the short term because, writes Fred Kerber, "multiple sources" have told him they "have done 'virtually nothing' regarding a pursuit of Andrei Kirilenko." The Post reporter adds, "the Nets also are playing a waiting game with Kris Humphries because Howard remains their quest."

On Thursday, both Billy King and Deron Williams gave high praise to Kirilenko but Kerber notes the Nets "love Howard above all and are doing everything to try to maintain cap space and flexibility to accommodate all scenarios".

How soon might they turn to the two forwards? "Expect nothing to change until after New Year’s Day — maybe well after and possibly right up to the March 15 trading deadline," Kerber writes. He notes that the Magic are unlikely to trade Howard before December 29 when the Nets visit the Amway Center. But they can't wait too long on AK-47. If he doesn't sign with an NBA team by January 9, his NBA "out" for this season expires.