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D-Will Keeps Saying It: Love It Here, But Surround Me With Talent

Deron Williams has had ample opportunity to talk about his impending free agency and again in an Interview with Jessica Taff of YES reiterated his position, as he had done with WFAN and the team's beat reporters.

"I love the organization; I like the area - I love living in New York,'' Williams said. "That's not the problem. I just want to win. I want to be able to win. I'm 27. I'll be 28 when I sign a new deal. That will take me into my mid-30s. That's a big part of my career, so I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision and I'll look at all options just to be safe.''

And about the possibility of playing with Dwight Howard, D-Will was careful not to tamper or hurt the feelings of his current big man, Brook Lopez. Didn't he say he'd like to play with Howard? "I never said that. People asked me. All I said was (the thought) made me smile. I like Brook (Lopez) a lot. He's definitely improved... I'm not just gonna go out and say I want another big man to replace him, because he can get the job done.''