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It's Only Their Opinion, But ESPN Writers Think D12 to NJ Eventually

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In an ESPN roundtable Friday night, three of the network's top basketball writers said they believe that Dwight Howard will eventually wind up with the Nets.

Marc Stein, Chris Broussard and Ric Bucher agreed Howard is heading north. Only Los Angeles-based writer J.A. Adande thought differently. None of the four suggested they had an inside information that there were on-going talks. Nor have any reported on any moves since the Magic broke off trade talks two days ago.

Stein, Broussard and Bucher also predicted that the perennial All-Star would be in New Jersey sooner rather than later, with Bucher predicting a trade could come before Christmas. Of course, Magic brass insists that they will try to convince him to stay.

They also thought that L.A. wasn't willing to give up what the Magic wants, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Nor, they suggested, do the Lakers have the lure Brooklyn holds for Howard, specifically the star power of Deron Williams and Mikhail Prokhorov. In fact, it was suggested Laker management knows the Nets are in the lead for the DPOY.

Meanwhile, Brent Barry says the Nets are "putting all their rubles in one basket," Howard's, and continue to pursue him. Barry also says that Travis Outlaw may not end up in a Knicks uniform. The Thunder, he says, is very interested.