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D-Will Diary: "I'm Just Ready to Play"

Deron Williams diary, which began during his time in Istanbul, has become a regular feature on his revamped official website and the most recent entry talks about the transition from Besiktas to the Nets, or as he puts if, "Blog from the 973", Newark's area code.

Among the highlights, Williams pointing that because of his time overseas, he's more ready than most. As for the team, he writes, "The good news is we're a young, well-conditioned team, so I think we should be in good shape. I think I'm the oldest player on the team at 27, so we should be able to get out there and run and not be too tired. But it just depends on how we come together and how we mold as a team".

He also talks about his latest meeting the Jay-Z (and Beyonce') back stage at a Dallas concert. D-Will and his brother spent 30 minutes together. As for living in New York, "It was always one of my favorite cities even before I got traded here."