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Billy King Swings For The Fences, Hoping Not To Strike Out

By trading for Deron Williams in the wake of the Carmelo Anthony saga, Billy King and the Nets trumped the Knicks in February. But King's work is far from done. Now, Ian O'Connor writes, King has to trump the Lakers and bring Dwight Howard to New Jersey, or he'll lose Williams. Howard wants to be a Net, but it's up to King to fulfill the center's wish.

"If King can't find a way to beat the Los Angeles Lakers to Howard," O'Connor says, "the Nets will arrive in Brooklyn as a disaster of Secaucus Seven proportions."

No matter what, Sean Powell of suggests that the trade for D-Will and Howard's affinity for the Nets (not to mention Brooklyn and a certain Russian presidential candidate) suggest that the team's fortunes are changing. He's just not sure which way or how much.