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The Tale of Two (NBA) Cities: As Nets Practice, Dwight Howard Speaks

As the Nets were making moves --signing Shawne Williams and Ime Udoka, waiving Travis Outlaw and pursuing Andrei Kirilenko and Kris Humphries-- 1,100 miles to the south, Dwight Howard was once again letting Otis Smith know he wanted to be moved, that nothing has changed regarding his trade request.

In East Rutherford, Billy King emerged to say he was surprised how much money was being thrown around in free agency but that he prefers flexibility. As for Deron Williams, he talked about Shawne Williams and Kirilenko, both of whom he recommended, and how he feels about Howard's situation. "We got a team right here that’s going to play basketball," Williams said. "If it happens it happens."

In Orlando, it appeared Howard was doing his best to make "it" happen. He had a private meeting with GM Otis Smith and made it clear nothing has changed. He said his request "still stands."