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Dwight Howard Thought It Was "Done Deal," Blames Magic Ownership

In the latest update to his story that the Magic had ended trade talks regarding Dwight Howard, Adrian Wojnarowski quotes a source saying that Howard told friends on Tuesday that he thought the trade sending him to New Jersey was a "done deal."

But 24 hours later, it was a dead deal, and Howard's impression was that "ownership killed it." Stefan Bondy tweets that Howard's theory "is in line with what I heard about Otis Smith's suppressed role."

According to Wojnarowski, Howard reiterated his trade demand on Tuesday, but "there's still a belief among Magic officials that a successful season could help them keep Howard for the long-term." Moreover, reports Ken Berger, the Magic owners don't want to see Howard in another team's uniform when they host the All-Star Game February 26.

Dave D'Alessandro blames the "AAU mentality," and believes Billy King should just build a winning team "systematically," which wouldn't be too hard given the Nets assets.