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The Nets' Chase For Dwight Howard Reaches "A New Level Of Urgency"

The bad news is that Nene won't be wearing a Nets uniform. The good news is that Nene won't be taking up any of the Nets' cap space.

The other good news is that the Lakers are reportedly back in the hunt for Chris Paul, which means they might not have enough assets to entice the Orlando Magic.

Add it all up and the Nets' chances at landing Dwight Howard might be better now than they were Tuesday morning.

Ken Berger writes that the Magic "are trying to evaluate what is the best option for dealing with the Howard situation, sources said. First and foremost is to convince him to stay, but if the Magic are forced to trade Howard, they are determined to get the best deal -- including opening up the bidding to teams beyond those on Howard's list."

Those tampering charges that the Magic threatened to file are "on the back-burner," according to Berger, because the Magic don't want to burn bridges in case the Nets have the best offer. To make the best offer, the Nets might have to get other teams involved, but Berger says that "Billy King has signaled to associates that such a maneuver won't be a problem."