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MarShon Surprises D-Will With "D"

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

From the night they drafted him, the Nets thought MarShon Brooks has the tools to be a good, if not great, defender: a 7'1" wingspan, off-the-charts athleticism and a highly competitive nature. Now, after five days in the gym, at least one (important) teammate understands their confidence.

"He’s got some long arms, so he’s getting a lot of rebounds and defensive plays that I think a lot of people didn’t really expect from him," said Deron Williams. "He came [into camp] in shape, and he looks good."

Of course, he still has a ways to go. "So far he’s working at it," Avery Johnson said. "We’re not always complimentary in practice, but he’s working at it. He has skills that we want to utilize, and he’s getting better and better."