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Nets Set Deadline for Howard Deal; Will Move on Later This Week

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The Nets will put aside the pursuit of Dwight Howard by the end of of the week if the Magic doesn't agree to a trade and will move on to "Plans B, C, and D", likely starting with the signing of Nene, Colin Stephenson reports Monday, quoting a "person who has been briefed on the team’s thinking."

Stephenson quotes his source as saying, "It won’t go past this week." He adds that while Howard is the No. 1 target, his source said the Nets "have a Plan A, B, C and D." Plan B, would likely be the Nene signing. The Nets have reportedly offered the 6'11" PF/C $64 million over four years. Nene and Howard have the same agent, Dan Fegan.

If the Nets walk away from a trade for Howard now, it doesn’t mean they can’t try again before the trade deadline.

Meanwhile, in Denver, columnist Dave Krieger doesn't think it's a done deal that Nene will leave the Nuggets and suggests that the team could simply wait till the smoke of the free agent fires clears and then make a final offer.