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Prokhorov Back for Season Start

It should come as no surprise, but Avery Johnson slipped a bit Monday and told the press that his boss, and possibly the next president of Russia, would be coming back to New Jersey, presumably for the home opener with the Hawks on December 27.

"He is still a terrific owner. We are going to be excited to see him when the season starts," Johnson said of Mikhail Prokhorov. He then assured everyone that Prokhorov's presidential ambitions would mean little to the Nets."There will be no dropoff with what we are doing here with the Nets."

Prokhorov attended nine games last season, including three right at the start of the season. Of the nine, six were played at the Prudential Center, two were London Games and the last was an away game in San Antonio where he flew to meet Deron Williams right after the trade. The Nets were 7-2 in those games.