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Nene, Hump Getting Nets Attention; Kirilenko Is Surprisingly Pricey

Chad Ford has begun his annual countdown of the best free agents left and writes that of the top free agents, the Nets have expressed more interest in Nene Hilario and Kris Humphries than other teams and that while they also like Andrei Kirilenko, he is surprisingly pricey, $26.5 million over three (down from a previous $40 million over four).

Nene, says Ford, is unlikely to return to the Nuggets and that the Nets have shown the most willingness to meet his salary demands. Ford is also high on the 6'11" Nene, saying " It's unusual for a 29-year-old player who's spent eight seasons in the league to still have upside, but Nene does". Houston could still make a bid, Ford adds.

Speculation about Hump is "weirdly quiet" but Ford notes, "The Nets continue to show the most interest, but if they end up getting Dwight Howard they won't have the cap space to pay him." Ford blames the Kardashians. As for Kirilenko, teams shied away after his first price tag caused "sticker shock" and it hasn't got much better. The Kings and Nets have interest.