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Nets Practice While They Wait

The Nets are still short players. Although there's 15 in camp, three are D-Leaguers and two are rookies. The team's best rebounder from last year (Kris Humphries) is fending off questions about his failed marriage, another player (Brandan Wright) has already moved on to Dallas while the rest are waiting (again) on a superstar.

One bit of news out of camp Monday was that the Nets are experimenting with Damion James as a stretch forward, moving into the four spot when the Nets face athletic PF's like Thaddeus Young and Danny Granger, who killed them last year.

"I played every position in college," said James. "I’m big and I’m strong enough to play the 4 spot as well."

The Nets also say they'd vote for Mikhail Prokhorov if they were Russians with Brook Lopez giving the strongest endorsement. "He definitely likes to be in position to help, help people flourish and help create change." Avery Johnson said Prokhorov's ambitions will no effect on the team, that there has been "no dropoff" in supports. He also said Prokhorov would be at the home opener vs. the Hawks. Also, Anthony Morrow was flattered by Dwight Howard's shoutout to him over the summer.