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Nets May Claim Billups Off Waivers

Dwight Howard may not get a chance to woo Chauncey Billups for the Magic. With only an hour and a half to go before Billups becomes a free agent, Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the Nets were "debating" whether to make a modest bid for the NBA and FIBA World champion point guard.

"Near the deadline on amnesty waiver wire, Nets are still 'debating' putting in a claim for Chauncey Billups, league sources tell Y!," Woj tweeted shortly before 4:30 p.m. NBA teams have until 6 p.m. to put in bids for Billups, waived by the Knicks over the weekend so they could come up with cap space to sign Tyson Chandler. He was embittered by the move. Billups played with Net target Nene while in Denver.

Woj described the Nets' thinking this way: "If Orlando believes signing Billups could help keep Dwight Howard, clearly Nets are suggesting: Well, maybe Big Shot won't be a free agent".

The Bobcats may also bid for Billups, who just turned 35. He averaged 16.8 ppg and shot 40% from deep in 72 games last season. Under the waiver rules, teams make blind bids on players. At the deadline, the winner gets rights to the waived player and must pay him the amount of the bid. However, the winning team cannot trade the waived player until July 1.