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Billy King, Ready for Work

Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball
Jac Cheairs - Nets Basketball

For a week, Billy King has been in radio silence, incommunicado, in hiding maybe? He has two big deals on hold (with the same agent) and no doubt a number of smaller ones. The Nets have yet to make a single move since the lockout other than bringing in three players from Springfield and signing two rookies. Something's got to give!

King has been there before, as ESPN's Mike Mazzeo points out. Mazzeo writes, "King has made 40 trades. He's dealt for Deron Williams. He's dealt away Allen Iverson. He's orchestrated four three-team trades and two four-team trades". Six of those trades were executed this past season. He's made some bad moves too. No need to talk about Chris Webber.

It all has to end sometime, just as the Melo Drama ended, but not the way anyone expected. Instead six months of haggling concluded in what King has called "definitely the biggest trade I ever made." Now with Dwight Howard, he has a chance to top it. With King, you never know.