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Prokhorov Running for President

The Nets finally have a power player.

Mikhail Prokhorov will run for President of Russia in a direct challenge to Vladimir Putin. The election is March 4. The Nets principal owner told a press conference Monday afternoon that "I have made a decision. I am taking part in the presidential elections." He's running as an independent.

Prokhorov also told a news conference that he had not asked for the Kremlin's permission, nor had he spoken with Putin or current Russian president Dmitry Medvedev about his intentions. Moscow has been racked by massive demonstrations since last weekend's parliamentary elections in which Putin and Medvedev's party barely held on to its majority.

Prokhorov, of course, was forced out of the leadership of Right Cause, a liberal, pro-business party, over the summer when he proved too independent. Prokhorov owns the Nets through an American company, Onexim Sports & Entertainment, which is unaffiliated with the similarly named Moscow-based Onexim Group.