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Do Dwight Howard And Deron Williams Want Gilbert Arenas?

Gilbert Arenas cleared waivers Sunday evening with no takers. He's now a free agent, obviously with a lot of baggage. But Marc Stein tweets that he's been "Told [Arenas] hopes to land on same team that trades for Dwight." Indeed, Dwight Howard told reports two nights ago that he didn't think the Magic should have amnestied Arenas.

Ken Berger adds, "Gilbert Arenas expected to attract some interest from the Nets. D-Will recently asked about him and expressed interest, source says."

Arenas, 29, is now free to negotiate with any team for whatever the market will bear, starting from the vets minimum which for him would be $1.5 million. Meanwhile, Marc J. Spears tweets that the Nets are one of four teams interested in rebounder deluxe Reggie Evans. Nothing close, reports Spears.