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Market for Nene Shrinks Further

Two moves Sunday could limit the market for Nene Hilario, but the Nets remained closed mouth about their intentions toward the 6'11" Brazilian PF/C.

The Pacers, who had reportedly offered Nene $52 million over four years, decided instead to go with David West at $20 million over two. Also, Adrian Wojnarowski tweets the Rockets are about to send the Grizzlies an offer sheet for Marc Gasol that would secure Pau's brother a max contract. Houston may propose a sign-and-trade for Gasol if it looks like Memphis will match.

The Nets supposedly were close to a deal with Nene on Friday. Ken Berger reported Saturday that Nene was expected to decide on the Nets offer by day's end.

Nene reportedly has a four-year, $64 million offer from New Jersey while Denver was seeking his signature on a five-year $60 million contract. All numbers according to SI's Sam Amick.

What remains uncertain is how interested Nets are or whether they're going all in on Dwight Howard. While the Nets could theoretically sign both with some cap manipulations, starting with the amnesty of Travis Outlaw, it would limit the Nets ability to accept Hedo Turkoglu's $34 million from the Magic in a deal for Howard. On the Howard front, Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register tweets that the Lakers won't give up both Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.