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Deron Williams: "Stern Is a Bully" and Howard Request "Makes Me Smile"

In comments to writers between the Nets two-a-day, Deron Williams called David Stern a "bully" for his actions killing the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers and said that Dwight Howard's request to be traded to the Nets "makes me smile a little bit."

"David Stern is a bully. You can't really go up against him," writers quoted him as saying in a series of tweets, 'Ain't no secret. Everybody knows that." He added, "He's gotta be, man. I think every owner of every big business is a bully."

When Williams was asked what he thinks about Dwight Howard requesting a trade to the Nets: "It makes me smile a little bit." As Andy Vasquez reports via tweet, "Then he smiled."

Later, D-Will reiterated he and Howard talk regularly. "I talk to Dwight all the time. I have friends. Dwight’s my friend. If I want to call and talk to him, I’m going to call and talk to him". And reminded people that he and Howard had bit parts in a Disney Channel show, which Tim Bontemps found.

Separate from the media availability, Williams also posted an entry on his official website, entitled, "D-Will Pleased With Nets Plans Thus Far." It features his quotes from last Friday's media.