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Would Howard Veto Bulls Trade?

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Bulls are readying an offer for Dwight Howard that would include "cap relief, young talent and attractive draft picks," but would Howard agree to sign a long-term extension as he would with his preferred choice, the Nets, or his alternative choice, the Lakers?

Apparently he would not. The Tribune's K.C. Johnson writes Sunday, "A confidante of Howard's, though, expressed hesitation he'd sign a long-term extension with a team beyond his preferred destinations". Johnson did not specify which players the Bulls might offer the Magic. The Bulls would probably be willing to offer anyone on their roster for Howard, except Derrick Rose. But as ESPN Chicago notes, it's unlikely the Bulls would include Joakim Noah without a guarantee Howard would sign an extension.

Meanwhile, John Schuhmann offers an assessment of how the various trade scenarios are affecting the fates of several teams, not just the Magic, Nets and Lakers.