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Howard Says He's Asked for Trade

Without specifying that he wants to join Deron Williams on the Nets, Dwight Howard told the Orlando media Saturday night that he had indeed asked for a trade from the Magic, saying a number of factors played into his decision that reportedly was relayed to GM Otis Smith as early as Monday.

In a series of tweets from the 30-minute press conference, Josh Robbins of the Sentinel and David Baumann of Central Florida News 13 relayed Howard's comments.

--"Howard says it really "hurts" him that people are so upset with his decision."

--"'Just because I've asked to be traded doesn't mean I don't like where I'm at'."

--"Howard says a lot of factors played a role w/his choice, but he also wanted a 'voice' in team decisions".

--"Howard forgives anyone who has called him names or been mean to him over his decision".

--"If you hate me because of my jersey, then you never really loved me."

He acknowledged something happened this summer to push him in this direction, but wouldn't divulge it.

Dwight said he met with CEO Alex Martins tSaturday where both sides presented their views. Both sides agreed to help each other out in the process. Brian Schmitz, long-time basketball writer for the Sentinel, reported that Magic are shopping Howard beyond just the teams of his choice. The question, of course, is whether he would agree to an extension with any team other than the Nets.