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Nets Going Uptempo, More Motion

The Nets have gone through a couple of practices while the rest of us monitored Twitter feeds and worked the ESPN Trade Machine to within an inch of its life.

One big change, Deron Williams reports, is that he will play off the ball, and uptempo. The Nets will even borrow some ideas from the Besiktas playbook.

"He likes a little more of our motion and how we have him running off screens a little bit more this year," said Avery Johnson. "So teams don’t necessarily know where to find him as much as they did last year."

The team has posted video of interviews with Deron Williams and Johnson following Friday's first practice.

A relaxed D-Will talked about how playing for Besiktas helped him keep in game shape, adding that "all of our point guards" looked ready. He talked about the goal of making the playoffs with this team or with whatever team fate deals them. Johnson had particular praise both MarShon Brooks' offensive game and readiness, which he called "pretty impressive for a rookie".