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Nene Decision by Day's End?

Ken Berger is tweeting that Nene is expected to decide on a "hefty offer" from the Nets later Saturday. Berger notes the most the Nets can offer him is $64 million, apparently the max.

Nets officials have been increasingly confident that the Nets will come away with the 6'11' PF/C from Brazil who has played his entire career with the Nuggets.

But if the NBA approves the revised Chris Paul deal, as expected, the Rockets will have enough to match the Nets offer, tweets John Hollinger. "Would seem to me Nene is waiting on this Pau trade. Rockets could go 4-64 or thereabouts if they wanted to," he wrote.

If Nene were to accept the offer and sign with the Nets, it would be the most ever the Nets have ever given a free agent who wasn't already a member of the team. It would also be among the largest ever given a Nets players, behind only Jason Kidd, Jayson Williams, Vince Carter, Keith Van Horn and Richard Jefferson.