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What Brook Did This Summer

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Brook Lopez didn't go overseas to play. He did go to Hawaii with eight other players, including his brother Robin, to meet with troops, hold clinics for the children of those fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and play in a couple of scrimmages. Otherwise, it was pretty much radio silence.

Now, Robin Lopez reveals how the seven foot twins spent their summer. In a tweet, Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic reports what Robin told him, "Lopez said he has regained athleticism but said his health was no excuse for his play. He & twin Brook paid to work w/Olajuwon this summer." That would be Hakeem Olajuwon, the Hall of Famer.

Specifically, the two spent a week with Olajawon. Robin said of the experience: " "He has so many moves down on the post that it's impossible to absorb them all. You've got to pick one or two to work on and then go from there."