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Will NBA Owners Grant Players Another Meeting Before Wednesday Deadline?

The NBA lockout is about to reach another critical juncture. Seemingly, the season could be salvaged or completely wiped out this week, depending on how the players react to the owner's ultimatum on a final 50/50 offer. Before they do that, however, the players want one more meeting between the two sides...and may get one.  Adrian Wojnarowski reports the two sides are trying to set up a meeting Tuesday.

Howard Beck reports that the owner's take-it-or-leave-it proposal would keep the salary cap at no less than the 2010-11 level for the next two years, prevent over-the-tax-line teams from making sign-and-trade deals, and outlaw extend-and-trade deals, like the one that brought Carmelo Anthony to New York, completely. He also provides details on what the offer will be if the players don't accept the latest proposal, and says that the amnesty clause would wipe 100 percent of a player's salary off the salary cap in either proposal.

Kobe Bryant is reportedly among the players willing to accept the 50/50 proposal, as are Kevin Martin and Steve Blake. But is Mikhail Prokhorov really among the hard-line owners? In his latest update, Ken Berger doesn't list the Nets as one of the "original" hard-line teams, but adds that "there has been growing support in recent weeks for the hard-liners' position that Stern has given up too much in the negotiations."