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Berger: Prokhorov Leading Hardliner?

ProBasketball 100
ProBasketball 100

In an in-depth report on where the CBA talks stand, Ken Berger identifies Mikhail Prokhorov as one of the owners' leading hardliners and that he doesn't care if the 2011-12 season is blown up. Previous reporting had suggested that the Nets owner is among the "doves" in the CBA talks. A Prokhorov spokesperson declined comment, but in an updated version of his CBA reporting,Berger did not list Prokhorov among hardliners in ownership

"Prokhorov, who according to sources is fine with a strategy that would blow up his mediocre team's last season in Newark, is lucky in that he doesn't really have a fan base to hold him accountable," wrote Berger. However, Nets insiders have said they don't want to make the same mistake the Mets did, going into a new venue with a mediocre team. Prokhorov has attended only one NBA Board of Governors meeting during the lockout. The Nets rep has been their chairman, Christophe Charlier.

Berger described the hardliners, beyond Spurs owner Peter Holt, as "Paul Allen [Trail Blazers], Dan Gilbert [Cavaliers], Robert Sarver [Suns], Michael Heisley [Grizzlies], Ted Leonsis [Wizards], Mikhail Prokhorov (yes, him), and now we learn, Michael Jordan [Bobcats]."