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Lee: Nets-Knicks at Barclays "Crazy"

Spike Lee reiterated what he's been saying about his fan loyalty for the past month (ever since a NetsDaily poster asked if he would root for his hometown Brooklyn team next year). He's not going to do it. But this time he displayed a bit more equanimity towards the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets.

In fact, he said he was looking forward to the first regular season game between New York's two teams in Brooklyn. "That’s a game you have to go to, that’s going to be crazy," Lee said.

"I have no hatred for the Nets," he told the Post. "Jay-Z has been trying to work on me but that isn’t going to happen." No reference this time to how those who think he'll switch are "on CRACK, METH, MALT LIQUOR".

That must be considered progress. The fiimmaker also predicts the Knicks will win a championship "soon" and hopes for a quick end to the lockout. Good luck on both of those.