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Brooks With 25 in Charity Game

Ross Mena for Kore Magazine
Ross Mena for Kore Magazine

We don't know who among those invited actually showed up Saturday for the Damien Wilkins Monster Slam Dunk in Atlanta...but a lot of good NBA players did.  Nor have we seen a boxscore or a game report.

Still, a reliable source tells NetsDaily that MarShon Brooks stole the show at the charity exhibition game in Atlanta Saturday, scoring 25 points and winning raves for a couple of dunks, including this one off a Jeff Teague miss.

Among the others who did play at Clark Atlanta University Saturday: Jordan Crawford, Shannon Brown, Joe Johnson, Chris Wilcox, Louis Williams, Jarrett Jack, Trey Thompkins, Jordan Crawford, Jeff Green, Derrick Favors, and Solomon Jones

After the game, Brooks tweeted, "Good game vs the fellas...." without details. When we noted we had heard it was more than just a good game, the Nets rookie replied, "I'm very hard on myself pal", then later added, "played pretty well! Missed a few bunnies..."  But a fan at the game was less restrained, telling a Nets owner, "Hov this boy MarShon Brooks is the truth from the nets."