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Jac-of-All-Nets Says Goodbye

Jaclyn Sabol, who's been with the team for six years --and courageously battled a brain tumor for much of that time-- announced Friday "I'm very sad to say I am leaving Nets basketball". She did not say what she will be doing, only that, "I am very excited to start the next chapter of my journey."

Sabol graduated from Nets Dancer to the team's and Barclays Center's in-house reporter as Jac-of-all-Nets four years ago.  Most recently, she's been doing short pieces for on Brooklyn businesses near the Nets' new arena.  In her last tweet as Jac-of-all-Nets Thursday, she wrote, "Lots of mixed emotions today, with chemo thrown in. Not a good combo. Life is a roller coaster! , "