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"Not Sure Yet What I'm Going To Do"

At the end of this week's D-Will Diary from Turkey, after discussing his Turkish language skills, his play at shooting guard rather than point, Besiktas' recent success, Deron Williams adds this: when he returns, he's renting not buying in New Jersey because, "I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do after the NBA season. We'll see..."

Williams of course has multiple options (or least does under the recent CBA): he has a player option, which permits him to extend his contract with the Nets, opt out, or not opt out and play another year under his current contract ... and get paid $17.7 million. 

He's never said what he would do, but indicated a lot has to do with what the Nets can do.

As for how quickly he could get back to the NBA, here's what he said, "If the CBA is finalized and I'll need to come back to the NBA, I think it takes some time for them to get everything on paper, maybe three or four weeks. If we make a deal, I'll try to come back as soon as possible."