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For Lopez, an Unforgettable Trip

David Gatley, USO Hoops for Troops
David Gatley, USO Hoops for Troops

Brook Lopez was one of nine NBA stars, including his brother, Robin, and MVP Derrick Rose, to travel to Hawaii last week on a low-key trip to Hawaii to visit US troops and their families. Media access was deliberately limited as the players showed their stuff in games, chatted with the servicemen on chow lines and learned about the wars they're fighting.

And as Ric Bucher writes, there were unscripted one-on-one's. Lopez went to lunch and toured Honolulu with a soldier who shared his affinity for comic books. He also donned a padded jacket to see what it's like to be attacked by a trained military canine. Luckily, no Nets personnel were on hand to stop him.

"They've obviously enjoyed having us here but we've enjoyed just as much being around them," Lopez said. "Words can't describe the experience."