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On Preseason Day One, Nets Win!

Wednesday was the first day NBA coaches and GM's could talk the media, after five months of Stern warnings to keep quiet. And who got out in front early? Your New Jersey Nets. Billy King was everywhere: the first of a half dozen NBA GM's 1) to get time on the air, with WFAN's Joe and Evan; 2) to meet with local writers to discuss, even if at the margins, player personnel and 3) and most importantly, to get attention for what they may (or may not) be planning to do.

The ESPN story about a Nets' plan to aggressively go after Dwight Howard was on the front page of the big basketball website, on SportsCenter all day and trending worldwide on the big search engines and Twitter. All in all, what the boss Mikhail Prokhorov wants. Now if he had only dropped into Brooklyn on his way back to Moscow, the day would have been complete. Thursday, expect more of the same as Nets players start to straggle in, some with severe jet lag.