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King: Howard Story a Surprise; Smith: Won't Rule Out D-12 Deal

In a radio interview with Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts Wednesday (billed as a talk with "the man who has a man crush on Dwight Howard"), Billy King denied he has had discussions with the Magic or its GM, Otis Smith, in months, but declined to discuss any interest in Howard. He later reiterated that with beat writers.

King said his first reaction to the ESPN story was to check the CBA (which has yet to be finalized or ratified) to see if the trade proposed would even work.

Bottom line, said King, when asked if the rumors re: Howard would become another Melo Drama: "It won't continue. The circus-like atmosphere surrounding last won't happen."

Meanwhile, in Orlando, Magic GM Otis Smith said he wants to keep Howard, but would not rule out trading him. "You have to make the best decision of what’s in the best interests of the franchise," Smith told the Orlando Sentinel. "That’s how I’ve always went about it: to make the best decision that’s in the best interests of the Orlando Magic".

The Nets GM was optimistic about the Nets chances of retaining Deron Williams, saying that he feels good about both their relationship and his future with the team.

He added, "I have three guys who are coming back in game shape", meaning his three overseas point guards, D-Will, Jordan Farmar and Sundiata Gaines, who played 40+ games in Europe. King also said he likes both Kris Humphries and Brandan Wright, but "I gotta see where money is being spent and what's left,"