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ESPN: Nets Set To Offer Lopez And Picks For Dwight Howard

ESPN reports that the Nets are set to offer Brook Lopez and draft picks to the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard, and are willing to take on Hedo Turkoglu's contract to get a deal done. New Jersey would need to include a smaller contract or two, but would have available cap space after waiving Travis Outlaw via the amnesty clause.

It takes two sides to make a deal, of course, and Marc Stein and Chad Ford write that it's "unclear if the Magic can be convinced to start seriously considering trade scenarios for Howard this early." They also write that the Nets will still go forward in pursuit of free agent big men Nene and Tyson Chandler.

Late Tuesday, a fan asked Howard over Twitter whether he's ready for the "media circus" over where Howard wants to play. Howard responded, "imma cut my ears off so I can't hear them."