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CBA Talks Resume Saturday While Players Consider "Nuclear Option"

Players and owners will resume talks on the collective bargaining agreement Saturday, eight days after talks collapsed over the BRI split.  But as many as 50 disgruntled NBA players – including several All-Stars – participated in a clandestine conference call with a top antitrust attorney on Thursday to discuss the process of decertifying the Players Association. Such a move would almost certainly result in a lost season.

Negotiations have led to agreements on issues including the structure of a salary cap, luxury tax and mid-level exception, but faltered on the split of BRI funds.  The owners want to the see a 50-50 split, down from 57-43 in the recently expired CBA. The players had said they won't go below 52-48. Talks begin at 4 p.m. Saturday.

Howard Beck reports that both sides are hardening in their resolve, with the most extreme factions pressing the hardest.  Beck adds that the hardline owners are led by none other than Michael Jordan. George Cohen, the federal mediator, is back Saturday.