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Brooklynites Buy Barclays Suites

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

If you're looking for another indicator that the Nets are becoming Brooklyn's (and New York's) team, here's one: 39% of Barclays Center suites sold have been sold to Brooklyn buyers, and another 25% to buyers in Manhattan.

"Then, a mixture of Jersey, Connecticut, Philly-based," says  Dan Lefton, vice president of Suites Sales, describing who else is buying.

The arena will have 104 suites (four times what they had at IZOD) and according to team sources, "about half" have been sold. Sales have been slowed by the NBA lockout, among other things.  The big challenge, however, will come at end of the year. The Nets will start selling ten of the top-end "Event Level" suites (above), which go for $550,000 and were designed with help from Jay-Z.